Altium Designer

We have been using Altium Designer since 2009 and it is now our most widely used PCB Design CAD system.

A number of our long-standing customers have moved over to it in the last couple of years after comparing functionality/cost with other widely used CAD systems.

All of our in-house PCB Designers use Altium on a regular basis including library part generation, Schematics, layout and production documentation/data.

Altium is particularly good for collaborative working, visualising in a 3D environment and importing designs from other ECAD systems.

The most complicated digital PCB Design we have undertaken was produced using Altium Designer. 22 layer Gen 2 PCI Express full height/full length card with stepped construction to allow fitting into a PCI connector , microvias, Virtex 6 FPGA’s, DDR3 72 bit SODIMMs, data rates up to 12Gbps,

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