2016 Sep: New PCB Designer/Electronics Engineer Tom Novak joins Dayford

Tom had may years experience designing PCBs in his previous position but he is also an Electronics Engineer which is a big advantage in terms of understanding customer requirements and circuit functionality.

Apart from Laying out PCBs from customer supplied schematics,Tom is able to produce schematic designs from concept notes/skeches and many other Electronic Engineering functions.

2014 Aug: Dayford upgrades PADS software to ‘ES’ Suite for high-speed constraint management/routing

2014 Jun: Dayford Celebrates 40 years in the PCB Industry

2011 Apr: Dayford purchases CADSTAR Board Modeler for 3D

2010 Oct: Dayford invests in “Expedition”.

Screen Shot 2017-08-10 at 16.22.26Building on purchases of Expedition in 2003 and Hyperlynx Signal Integrity Analysis in 2006 we have recently invested in additional Expedition systems to replace our long serving Visula systems.

This capability together with Hyperlynx Power Integrity Analysis, Boardstation and PADS systems makes Dayford the UK’s leading Mentor PCB Design Service Provider

2010 Oct: Dayford enters complex design in Mentor’s Leadership Technology awards

2010 Sep: Dayford celebrates unique milestones

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2010 Sep: Dayford sets up partnership with GarField/Matrics

GarField200GarField/Matrics has been a leading silicon design house and fabless semiconductor supplier for over 20 years.

GarField/Matrics has extensive experience in both the analogue and digital domains. We offer a wide range of services including IP design and full custom ASIC design from specification, design and layout right through to fabrication, test and supply of final product.


2010 Aug: Dayford invests in Cadstar XR2000HS

2010 Jun: Dayford invests in Allegro

In December last year Dayford invested in Allegro PCB design tools to support OrCAD and/or Allegro users requiring complex, high speed PCB designs

Constraint management of differential pairs and other critical signals including

Our Signal Integrity specialist Iain Camley is also one of our Allegro PCB Designer Engineers
We use Mentor’s Hyperlynx for pre/post simulation and signal analysis
OrCAD layout and OrCAD PCB Design Editor still supported

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